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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diminished Capacity

As I look into the mirror
I can hear the silent scream
locked behind my eyes.
See the unspoken truth
written in the lines on my face.
Absorb the maniacal laughter
concealed behind slightly smiling lips.
Unleash the restrained anger
that was born into my soul.
Stoke the simmering passions
that lie just under the public mask.
that political correctness has bound
across my face.

The garden

A negative attitude is easy to cultivate
taking little energy in order
to allow the weeds of despair to grow.
Such a place can spread beyond personal boundaries
and invade the souls of all who come in contact with it.
A flourishing garden of beauty and
tranquility takes perseverance, patience and
positive movement in order to grow.
Luckily it too can spread slowly through
the sweet aroma of inspiration.