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Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Our society has hit rock bottom and we need to DO something!"

Generally in my usual cynical manner, I would tend to agree with the rock bottom part.
The only problem is that if it is true, at that point humanity would be pretty damn powerless to do much about it anyway. It’s pretty hard to rise up against Apache helicopters (or something equally as deadly) with rocks and sticks. It can be done (and has been) but at one horrible cost. And then would those that did manage to rise to power be any more humane about how they led the new society? History has shown us many times, that most likely they would not. No revolution has ever done much on a humanitarian side after the fact. Most move right to control, subjugation and retribution. And so the cycle repeats itself. So force, although tempting and perhaps inevitable is probably not the answer to solve the bigger problems.

No I think there has to be a real evolution of some kind. Some way for us to unite with a common goal in mind. Maybe its environmental issues, maybe it political or spiritual, maybe it’s defending the fucking planet from evil aliens or big space rocks hurtling towards us to make us the next great extinction. What really makes us dumb is that we have united in the past, as neighbors as communities and as countries to fight against huge odds to defeat all kinds of problems and threats. So. We know it can be done. But yet in all of our historical wisdom, in all of our religious and political fervor, utilizing all of our many diverse spiritual beliefs, we cannot find a way to act globally as people. Could it be that the "People" at the top of dare not let us? Could this be their greatest fear? Because we continue to have fear of each other, could it not be that this is their single most powerful tool used to keep us in their control? If we ever find a way to bring down those barriers and keep them down, the tables would be turned forever and the next phase of our evolution as a human species and as a society could begin.

In response to yet more endless debates on a serious issue and problem

Some more kids died in a school. Guns were involved. Again. Both sides of the issue are getting out there sabres and rattling them. Including on Facebook and other social mediums. As usual I will be one of the folks in the middle. But of course nothing will change because nobody really offers any solutions beyond absolute measures that neither side will budge about. So the likelihood of a repeat of the problem will continue. History doesn't repeat itself because it is an unbreakable force but because we do not use it to our advantage. The answer is not in the extreme views. So it is not in "take all the guns away" and it is not in "give everybody guns". Both of these views do not move towards a solution. In fact they continue to get in the way of one. I am posting this just to share my observance of this issue, not to start a public debate on my page. That would be pointless. But people DO need to start looking for some kind of middle ground answers and it will probably show up as something neither side has even considered as an answer yet. Being myopic about an issue causes that kind of blindness.