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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Identity issues

I see so many people worried about their "identity". Worried about how people see them, what they call them, and how important it is to their existence. I am only going to be human. And simply being human I can change my identity as a I need to just by what I pick up and put in my hands. I can pick up a hammer and saw and I can be a carpenter. I can pick up weapon and be a soldier. I can pick up a book and be a teacher. I can pick up a paint brush or a musical instrument and be an artist. I can pick up a pen and be a writer. Others can ask me to pick up responsibility and I can be a leader. I can pick up all kinds of medicines and be a healer. I can pick up a child and be a parent. I can pick up someones hand and be a good partner. All the identities are open to me now. And I can take all that energy that I used to use trying to prove who I am and instead use it to actually get something done. Free yourselves. There is way too much to do to spend so much time looking in the mirror.

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