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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Identity issues

I see so many people worried about their "identity". Worried about how people see them, what they call them, and how important it is to their existence. I am only going to be human. And simply being human I can change my identity as a I need to just by what I pick up and put in my hands. I can pick up a hammer and saw and I can be a carpenter. I can pick up weapon and be a soldier. I can pick up a book and be a teacher. I can pick up a paint brush or a musical instrument and be an artist. I can pick up a pen and be a writer. Others can ask me to pick up responsibility and I can be a leader. I can pick up all kinds of medicines and be a healer. I can pick up a child and be a parent. I can pick up someones hand and be a good partner. All the identities are open to me now. And I can take all that energy that I used to use trying to prove who I am and instead use it to actually get something done. Free yourselves. There is way too much to do to spend so much time looking in the mirror.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

yin and yang

A call for peace too often falls on deaf ears. A call to war is too often heeded. But both are rarely led...or bled for... by those that call for it. For victory of either both peace and war need to be led by those that believe in them and are willing to make ultimate sacrifices for them. For this end we have both light or darkness.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Cooperation and community is harder to do then division and dissent. But it sure builds things that are much more worth the effort and that last much longer. Most kids get this. Anyone who understands or has ever been on a team of any kind knows this. So who can teach the people that are our leaders this? Too many of our political, social, religious and economic leaders don't understand it. Even so many "tribal" leaders don't get it. Everybody trying so hard to win. Nobody trying hard to win...together.